Videos recorded during TeachMeet Belfast on Friday 2 March 2012.

Video 1: Say hello to the TeachMeet Audience

Video 2: Damien McHugh discusses Connected Learning. See his presentation here.

Video 3: Barry Corrigan talks about Kodu and Games based learning. See his presentation here.

Video 4: Simon McLoughlin presents live from Newcastle-on-Tyne on 'Another Day at the Office' and the curious case of alien abduction.

Video 5: John Heffernan introduces Kidblog and Weebly to the TeachMeet Belfast audience.

Video 6: Tom Jackson brings us up to speed with Microsoft Partners in Learning.
(Tom's video is cut short at the end as our camera battery expired at this point - apologies).

Video 7: Steven Parker discusses Master course concept in Moodle 2.0 - Follow up blog post
(The very start of Steven's presentation wasn't recorded as we were changing our camera battery - apologies).

Video 8: Anne McErlane talks about the work the Pushkin Trust are doing to encourage creative writing.

Video 9: Corrine Latham introduces Audioboo, 'I boo, do you?'.

Video 10: Clarke Rice talks about Computing in Schools.

Video 11: Tim Manson discusses 24/7 Learning.

Video 12: Mags Amond introduces us to CESI.

Video 13: Amanda Salt describes innovative online language learning at Grosvenor Grammar School.

Video 14: Heather Watson concludes TeachMeet with a demonstration of