TeachMeet Tips

After a very successful TeachMeet at the Scottish Learning Festival in September 2010 David Noble (parslad) tweeted these TeachMeet Tips:
TeachMeet tip #1: Use fruit machine at to select who presents next. Ensure by whatever means that all presenters get to speak
TeachMeet tip #2: Encourage participants to bring a colleague. You could enter them into a draw for a free meal at TeachEat after the event.
TeachMeet tip #3: Emphasise the nature of un-conferences eg encourage use of mobile ICT throughout, 'law of 2 feet', and 2/7 minute presos.
TeachMeet tip #4: Sponsorship is harder to attract.What can you offer sponsors while retaining right ethos? How would you run event with £0?
TeachMeet tip #5: Between presos are useful for table chat or online activity. Pauses could be punctuated with quiz, music or edu-challenge.
TeachMeet tip #6: The social and conversational side of the event is important. Spaces for this can be planned for or facilitated in advance
TeachMeet tip #7: Ways of reminding presenters that their 'time is up' - fling a camel, display a timer, blow a kazoo, hold up a soft toy.
TeachMeet tip #8: Break event into several distinct parts, including refreshments/TeachEat. Make it easy for folk to leave when they want to
TeachMeet tip #9: A Twitter backchannel can be useful but can exclude some participants. Broadcast online using Flashmeeting or CoveritLive.
TeachMeet tip #10: Set-up an event @posterous blog.Participants can create text, image, audio from discussions or presos, to share or remind